Does my art share my worldview? Is it authentic?

“Good” art is a powerful expression of the artist’s worldview. The fact is that every artistic expression carries something of a worldview, whether or not the artist or audience is aware of it. This is the view that Francis Schaeffer expresses in his book “Art and the Bible”. Schaeffer lays out four categories by which he believes art can be judged and qualified:

  1. Technical excellence (How awesome the skills are)
  2. Validity (the reasons which the artist had for creating, i.e. is it a work honest to the artists interests, purposes and worldview or is it done only to be a commercial success)
  3. Worldview (is it right or wrong)
  4. Suitability of form to content (does the vehicle convey the message?)

Judging an artist’s worldview as right or wrong is not rad and would obviously be frowned upon by our society’s relativistic worldview, but as Schaeffer stands firmly on a Christian worldview, he holds the Bible as his absolute reference and a standard by which all worldviews are to be measured. The category of “validity” is what I’d like to focus on here. Is my art true to my worldview? Is it authentic?

Once we understand how deeply our worldview (whatever it may be) molds our lives, decisions, words, actions and artistic expression, we realize that there is no such thing as neutrality in art. Most contemporary art expresses the predominant worldview of our society. This worldview has its roots in Nihilism and then by a leap of empty faith has reached an idealistic belief in man and his ability to evolve, and to find love and happiness. It is marked by materialism, relativism, so called “tolerance”, but mainly narcissism. An example of this narcissism is the monotone story telling influenced in blockbuster movies, in which the main character turns out to be a uniquely special individual on whom the world’s fate depends. It is the superman complex, a worldview void of any real purpose or meaning in life.

On the other hand, a Christian artist has the power to communicate an entirely different and rad worldview. In fact, considering the predominance and oppressive nature of the worldview expressed in most mainstream and alternative art, I believe that every Christian artist has the responsibility to authentically express his worldview, as a light in a dark world.

“Christian art is the expression of the whole life of the whole person as a Christian. What a Christian portrays in his art is the totality of life.” (Francis Schaeffer, Art & the Bible)

The Christian worldview is based on a personal knowledge of, and relationship with, God, the Creator himself. It is founded on the Bible and God’s awesome redemption story. Therefore a Christian worldview is Christ-centered and focused on the Cross. So if I am truly a follower of Jesus, if he is truly at the center of my life, and I truly believe that I am only alive because of his death and his resurrection, then my whole life, including my art, will be drenched in this truth.

Therefore, if we look at a Christian artist’s work as a whole and find nothing of the character of God or His redemption story, then we might question if this artist is being true to his worldview, or if his worldview is that of someone who has truly encountered Christ.

As an artist, I have the power to strongly communicate anything that I want. If art is never neutral, then I must ask myself what message my art is communicating. For instance, if I say I only create art for art’s sake, then my message is that art is the most important thing in my life. The predominance of a worldview void of purpose or real hope, in all relating of contemporary art makes it all the more important for Christian artists to be authentic and true to their Cross-centered and redemptive worldview.

As a Christ follower, my art is aligned with my worldview and I would have to say that my work is true and authentic.


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Hello, My name is John Johnson, and I do stuff. I’m a Follower for Jesus, a Pastor, a Husband, a Father, an Artist, a Designer, a Punk, a movie and music enthusiast and more. I live in Columbia Missouri with my beautiful wife Haley who does photography (shameless plug and my three kids Savannah Rose (5), Oliver Leon (2), and the newest Ivy Mae. I help pastor CenterPoint Church (another shameless plug I teach youth 6-12 grade and help oversee the website, social media and tech. View all posts by John Johnson

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