Showbread is Showdead

showbrad is showdeadThis month has had some ups and downs for me. My favorite band for the last decade has put out another rad album, but it is the last album that they are doing. I have been a faithful fan of Showbread since I first heard the album No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical. The radical and thoughtful lyrics have dug me out of many tight spots in life, sharpened my faith and even inspired me in many different art projects. For the fans of No Sir, the new album titled Showbread is Showdead is on par is with the beloved album that came out in 2004. If you are a fan, you can stream if for free on Spotify, or purchase a digital copy of the album at

This album was a good start to 2016, so may Raw Rock kill you forever and ever! Amen!


About John Johnson

Hello, My name is John Johnson, and I do stuff. I’m a Follower for Jesus, a Pastor, a Husband, a Father, an Artist, a Designer, a Punk, a movie and music enthusiast and more. I live in Columbia Missouri with my beautiful wife Haley who does photography (shameless plug and my three kids Savannah Rose (5), Oliver Leon (2), and the newest Ivy Mae. I help pastor CenterPoint Church (another shameless plug I teach youth 6-12 grade and help oversee the website, social media and tech. View all posts by John Johnson

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